7 Basics of Decorating a Bedroom

Making bedroom a comfort place for us sometimes is a hard task. We will need to focus on several essential basics on decoration. Here are the basics you need to know.bedroom design ideas for small rooms 7 Basics of Decorating a Bedroom

1. No Overcrowd Concept

Your bedroom should be a comfort place where you also have enough spaces to move around. Start to stuff from the very essentials like bed, dresser, and nightstand. You can add sofas and small table if you still have rooms and encourage spacious sense with high mirror.

2. No Wire Things

Bedroom is also supposed to be a relax zone where you can get free time off of the work. Take out all office things like your laptop, books and agendas, and other things. Several people let their bedrooms free of electronics. Some other add nice setting for music players.

3. The Colours

This is not the room where you want to make a decoration colour statement. You can use several choices for comfortable, warm or cool colours, and make matching settings on it. Work on your wall and curtain, and adjust it with the right colour on bedding and stuffs.

4. Less is More

Do not over do the accessories. Keep it minimalist and simple. For example, you have over sized photograph on your header. Combine it with buds of flowers vases on nightstand, and small merchandise on your dresser. That will be enough.

5. Touch and Sense

Sometimes, decoration is not only about the look. We also need the touch. Pick clean and nice bedding materials, warm rugs on your feet, soft and cozy sofa, nice heavy curtain, puffy pillows, and several other details like nice stereo set and tea making station on the side.bedroom design ideas for couples 7 Basics of Decorating a Bedroom

6. Lighting Layers

You need three basic layers of lighting. You need task lighting for reading and writing and also for inside drawers light. You need ambient lighting for bedroom illumination, and you also need accent lighting to give you certain moods you want. This matters a lot on modern bedroom decoration.

7. Ceiling Detail

Look up and see if your ceiling has nothing pleasant. You can have luxurious alternative like chandelier or sophisticated glow in the dark stuffs. In alternative, different shade of wall painting can give you pleasant view as well while you lie on the bed.

Now, take a look at your bedroom and see if your bedroom already has it. Upgrade and have all the basics for perfect bedroom.

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