9 Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

The key of maintaining hardwood floor is in keeping the cleanliness. Here are several useful tips to make good maintenance.

1. No Spills Sit On

Sometimes, you will have foods and beverages spilled on the floor. When it happens, make sure that you clean it right away to prevent stain. Most of the time, warm water and soft cloth is enough.

2. Regular Sweep and Mop

This is essential in keeping the floor clean. Adjust it with your condition. Several houses even need it more often like twice or three times a day. Consider the traffic and environment condition in deciding it.

3. Appropriate Cover

When you have special works or renovation in the house, make sure the floor is appropriately covered. Also make sure that you have soft and thick cover so nothing will make scratch on the floor.Hardwood Floor Ideas 9 Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

4. Vacuum Often

Mopping and sweeping are not enough. You will still have hard dusts and many other things you cannot sweep or mop. In such case, the best alternative will be vacuuming the floor. It completes all the options.

5. Regular Maintenance

Hardwood floors will need appropriate maintenance. You will need to shade it and maybe fix the setting. Most of the times, maintenance needs professional hands. Hire the professionals to make sure you get the best and perfect result for the floor.

6. Wear Rugs

Rugs are not only upgrading your house and interior value. It also provides comfort for both the residents and the floor. It prevents them from immediate contact with sharp or heavy things. It also prevents spills and sweat dropping on your floor.

7. Use Furniture Guards

Dragging furniture on the floor is totally forbidden. This will create scratch. However, you still need furniture guards for your furniture feet even if you put it on top of area rugs.

8. Clean Pet Mess

This includes many things like trimming their nails. You also need to put their bowl and food on covered floor. Use soft but absorbent cloth for this. And when they spill their foods and drinks, wipe and mop it right away.

9. Avoid Floor Damage

Several small things can damage the floor, for example your high heels, kids’ toys, and dirt and stain from the outside. Provide slippers in the house for everyone.

All of those tips are generally able to be done alone. Make it regular and immediate on your response and you will have long lasting pretty hardwood floor.

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