7 Essential Tips for Waterproofing Basement Floors

Basement floor often gets flooded. This is just annoying. Or on other cases, the floor is too wet and will be dangerous for everyone on the room. Here are tips to make it waterproof.

1. Read Waterproofing Compounds Instruction

Most waterproofing compounds are made to make additional protection and layers on wall without any paint. This is the main problem. Most people only apply it while their walls are already covered with paint. It means the compounds cannot work optimally. Read the instruction first.

2. Control the Condensation

There are several steps you can do for this. First, you need to insulate the pipes. You also need on ventilation quality. Basement needs it. You may also need several additional helps like air conditioner or dehumidifiers. It helps you get sweat free basement for all years.Waterproofing Basement Floors 7 Essential Tips for Waterproofing Basement Floors

3. Prevent Puddles

Gutter and downspouts are useful and helpful for this. If you already have them installed, you only need to give careful maintenance for it. Make immediate repair and clean them properly. Several people make sure that their downspouts are long enough. Check on yours, and maybe you want to extend it.

4. Check the Yard’s Grade

Many yards are not good enough to help you control the water condition. You will need professional hands to solve this. However, you can fill in small depressing area, order fill dirt for it, hire excavation contractor and landscaper, and other professional hands to work on it.

5. Work on Improper Grade

This is an essential part. There are several alternatives. Beside various solutions from professionals, you can also have sodding and digging. However, many people prefer to install drainage tiles and ditch. You can try this and see if it helps already before you take other choices.

6. Paint the Basement Floor

Surprisingly painting gives a huge help in sealing. You only need to make a research on the paint material and tools you need. Several paints are made so appropriate to support sealing as well. You should try these on your basement floor.

7. Protect Basement Windows

Window protection is necessary especially when it comes the rainy season. You can have metal or masonry protection for these windows. You may need to put gravel as well to help, and maybe plastic bubbles to cover the window.

Those tips are proved to be effective and helpful. You can try them to prevent other problem with basement floors.

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