6 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room Furniture Nicely

living room decor 2013 6 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room Furniture NicelyLiving room is often the most important room in the house. We spend a lot of time in this room. The family sits and shares things here. We watch the TV here. We look at kids playing around here. We read book, and sometimes, receiving close friends here too. Arranging the furniture in the room will be essential.

1. Area Rugs under Furniture

This is a rule you need to obey. Beside it keeps the existence safe for the active children and slippery moves, it also encourages the value of the furniture. You may have nice flooring but do not expose them all. Cover a little with nice rugs.living room decor 2012 6 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room Furniture Nicely

2. No Couches Against Wall

This is also essential especially when you have small living room. Make space for the entire couches. Give it a room behind it so it gives breathing space and it makes your room looks larger. Place the couches several inches away and you will see it nice.living room furniture 2013 6 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room Furniture Nicely

3. Entire Lighting

Lighting will support the interior, while the arrangement should allow lighting to be balance. Make sure that you have enough light sources so you can literally spread the light including on corner. You need it to be bright enough and coming in balance.

4. Overhead Lights Position

There are several alternatives for overhead fancy lights. You can place it right ahead of your tables. You can also place it right in the middle and centre position on the ceiling. Ideally, you should place it in the centre with the table under it nicely.modern living room furniture 6 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room Furniture Nicely

5. Coffee Tables Size

On so many designs and interior ideas, coffee tables always look great with great size. You should not buy the small one. Yes of course, the scale should be adjusted to the space, but large coffee table makes a certain statement on the interior look. It serves the aesthetic and function purposes.

6. Television and Painting

Television should not be your focal point. Hang it on wall if possible and let your fireplace or other aesthetic pieces become the focal point. Paintings should be the mirror of the furniture under it. 24 to 36 inches are enough after the furniture.

Those tips should help you prevent problems on traffic, boring look, and maybe on composition as well. Remember the tips every time you change the arrangement. It will help you get nice, comfortable, and also stylish living room in your house. Have fun!

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