6 Design Ideas for Small Kitchen

small kitchen ideas 2012 2013 6 Design Ideas for Small KitchenKitchen should a place where you can cook with comfort and style, and where your family gets a place with nice atmosphere to enjoy the breakfast. Sometimes, when friends come over, they will love to be there and get some drinks or get some snacks as well. Here are several ideas for nice design if your kitchen is small.

1. Work It with Mirrors

As we know it, mirror gives certain illusion to a room. It gives the sense of bigger space. You can use mirror on your cabinets for example. Several countertops are made to be mirror like too now. You can use such material to give the spacious look.

2. Go Up

Instead of building everything in horizontal way, you should thinking about going up. You do not have enough space. Meanwhile, you still need the same things as other people do. The solution will be setting up your entire cabinets and storages over head.

3. No Arm Chairs

Commonly, people prefer to chairs with arms on their kitchens and dining rooms. However, you can choose differently. No arm chairs need smaller space. It allows you to have the same arrangement and functions. Several of those chairs are available on stylish look. You can have them in your kitchen.small kitchen decorating ideas 2012 2013 6 Design Ideas for Small Kitchen

4. Use Trays!

This is also a good idea. Trays are not only nice to look at. It is also very helpful in organizing collections and very practical. Without you realizing it, it also makes you easier to lift up things when you need to clean the surface on your kitchen.

5. Spice Rack

You should consider modify your standard cabinet. You can add it with spice rack. Use the available spaces. If it is small, you can make the cabinet high with several racks when you pull it out. This reduces the amount of stuffs on the surfaces and keeps it clean.

6. Open Shelves

This is also an interesting idea. It gives you additional storage. However, unlike cabinets, this one shows up the entire things you keep. It can be aesthetic and help on the same time. Just make sure that you wear appropriate material. You also need to regularly clean the dust.

Those ideas are so stylish and practical. You can also have enough comfort and style on your kitchen even though it is small enough. You can do it by yourself. Do not forget to adjust the ideas with your personal style.

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