7 Interior Decor Tips for Small Living Spaces

small room decor ideas 7 Interior Decor Tips for Small Living SpacesHaving a small living space is not the end of the world. You still can work it out. Use the following tips to get maximum result on the interior design.

1. Step the Flooring Up

We do not necessarily have to replace the old tiles. If we already have light colour, it will give the spacious look. However, we still can add additional flooring on top of it, or add rugs on the floor, even if it is already carpet.

2. Plants

The existence of potted plants inside a room is not only for refreshment. We also can feel the spacious feeling from the fresh air. Pick medium size or small one to complete the interior. It will liven up the room and add the luxurious value.

3. Solid Furniture

Solid colour on furniture will give spacious feeling. For accent, you can use patterned fabric and maybe ones with certain motives. If you already have furniture with motives or pattern, you still can cover it with solid colored fabric. Spacious sense is not impossible to get.

4. Light It Up

Bright and clean room always have spacious look. You need to provide enough brightness to all parts of the room including corners. Semi glossy paint and clean accessories are the key to reflect the light properly. Choose bright colours and add windows when needed.

5. Colour

Try to avoid too many colours in the room. Paint your wall in one solid colour and you can adjust everything based on the combination. Multiple colours on your wall will reduce the spacious effect. Try to pick light and bright colour. It makes a dimension looks larger.

6. Trim the Windows

You need lights. You need to remove your heavy and bulky windows. Replace the entire heavy parts with blinds, shutters, and also shades. If you want to, you can also use the fabric and make it customized blinds so it complements the interior details. It’s pretty idea!

7. Bigger Boxes

You may have much small stuff on top of the cabinets and tables. This will reduce the spacious effect. The solution will be fancy big tray or boxes to collect them all. It allows practical cleaning as well. Pick solid colours with natural materials. It makes nice accessories too.

What do you think? There are still many to explore. Work it out, and you will feel the style and comfort as well on your small living space.

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