6 Tips How to Use Colour Effectively in Your House

interior decor color schemes 6 Tips How to Use Colour Effectively in Your HouseColour makes certain definition on all things. When it is about decorating the house, then colour theme and the combination will be one of the keys in staging the interior and exterior look. You cannot just choose a colour and use it as you want it. There are ways to maximize the result. Here are the tips.

1. Decide the Theme

You must have a theme for your house as blue print. The rests will follow this theme. Use the same colour of the theme and encourages other interior details in the house. Warm and natural colour are on trend now. It can be delightful and stylish choice.

2. Don’t Forget Floor Colour

Consider the colour for your floor. Hardwood floor can work well with most colours. It encourages the beauty. However, you may use the other kinds of floor. Choose appropriate combination of the floor colour for safe choice. Consult expert when you are confused.

3. Calculate Contrast and Tone

You will be advised to use several colours other than the theme colour as combination and mixture. The best way to pick the colours will be choosing ones on the colour wheel. It makes the contrast and tone. They look different but they look nice to each other.interior decor colors 6 Tips How to Use Colour Effectively in Your House

4. Match the Furniture and Lighting

Once you make a choice on colours, you need to adjust and encourage it with appropriate choice on furniture and lighting colour. It is preferable that your furniture items are on combination of the theme colour. As for the lighting, set it so it support the colour beauty.

5. Mood Setting

Add several other colours on lighting. This will be your illumination solution. Each colour represents and provokes different mood. Each room may need different choice for illumination as well. So choose carefully.

6. Location and Places

You also need to consider the rooms. Each room has different function and therefore it will need different kind of colour as well. If it your outdoor patio, you will also need different setting as well. Deeper rooms will need brighter colour and outside rooms will be fine with warmer colours.

Now, you can start thinking about new colour in your house. If you follow the tips, you will find the right colour and its combination in no time. Explore on more choices. There are many nice colours you should consider. Have fun and dare yourself on new choices.

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