5 Backyard and Front Yard Landscape Remodeling Tips for Homeowners

When the spring season starts to roll around and the weather starts to get warmer, that’s usually the time when we put more thought into how we want our front and backyards to look. Especially being that the spring and summertime are usually when we are outside a lot more. And when it comes to achieving the look that you want, while you could easily hire a professional landscaper, sometimes that costs more money than our budgets can actually afford.

So, if you would like some times on how you can remodel your landscape on your own, we’ve got five great tips for you below:

Research some landscaping ideas. Before you go outside to do anything, our first recommendation is that you do a bit of online research in order to obtain some landscaping ideas. Websites like Southern Living, HGTV, Houzz, BGH and even Pinterest have plenty of creative (and affordable) designs to choose from. Just go to one of the sites and put “landscaping ideas” in the search field.

Think about how you want your yard to look year-round. Just about all of us have seen a house in our neighborhood that has a yard that is truly beautiful during the spring and summer seasons but during the fall and wintertime, it tends to appear a bit unkept. This is usually because while the homeowners know what to do for their landscape in the warmer months, they’re not quite sure about the colder ones. Something that you can do to avoid having this kind of “landscaping dilemma” is to create a plan that has year-round interest. Landscaping.About.com is one website that can show you how to do that. Go to the site and put “landscaping for 4-season interest” in the search field.

Make sure to layer your flowers. Flowers always help to make a yard more beautiful. So, if you’re thinking about adding some to your own, something that an expert landscaper may recommend you do is layer them a bit. By this we mean create three rows within your flower boarders ranging from the tallest flowers in the back to the shortest ones in the front. Websites like BGH, RD and Sunset all have articles about the best looking, and smelling, flowers for your garden. You can find them by going to one of the sites and putting “flowers for your garden” in the search field.

Add a walkway. Something that can add a bit of character (and convenience) to your landscape is a walkway. Consider creating one that is made out of a material that the exterior of your house has. It’s a great look for your yard, plus it helps to keep you from walking all over your grass too.

Install a couple of water features. If you were to ask a landscaping company like Land View Landscape Services for a few¬†landscaping tips ,one of the things that they would probably recommend that you do is install a couple of water features. They’re nice to look at, they help to calm the senses and based on the kind that you buy, they can also keep to keep a portion of your garden watered. For more information on the types of water features that are available, visit BHG or DIY Network and put “water features for gardens” into the search field.

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