5 Tips for Designing a Professional Style Kitchen at Home

If you’re someone who enjoys cooking and you’ve ever had the opportunity to look inside of a kitchen at a restaurant or hotel, we can totally understand why it might have caused you to feel a bit envious. From the state-of-the-art appliances and beautiful woodwork or tile flooring to the modern light fixtures, a professional kitchen is something that just about all of us would like to have—and also wonder if we can afford.

The reality is that a professional-style kitchen is easier to create than you might think. And, over the course of the next few minutes, we are going to share with you some tips on how you can design one for yourself. Check these five suggestions out below:

Add some stainless steel appliances. Something that you can do that will definitely make your kitchen look sleek and modern is to add some stainless steel appliances. Aside from how attractive they are, they tend to have several benefits. For one thing, they are easy to clean. They also do not harbor germs or affect the way that your foods taste. Plus, they are long-lasting too.

Consider some floor-to-ceiling tile. One way to provide a bit of symmetry to your kitchen is to consider adding more tile; not just to your floors but your walls and ceiling too. This can definitely make your kitchen have a restaurant-like feel. Just make sure that if you do decide to tile your entire kitchen that you hire a professional to assist you. Tiling ceilings can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Design a prep-area island. All professional kitchens have prep areas and sometimes, they’re in the form of an island. So, if you happen to be someone who does a lot of cooking and you would like more space to do some prep work yourself, how about building your own prep-area island? You can even add an additional sink onto it if you would like. This Old House is one website that can show you how to design one of your own. Simply go to the site and put “build a kitchen island” in the search field.

Have professional-grade stoves. Say that you’re someone who does at-home catering. Well, this means that you should definitely consider getting a professional-grade stove. So, in order to have a professional grade kitchen ,go to a website like Viking Range in order to purchase a commercial stove that will fit inside of your home. Then stop by another site like Range Hoods Inc. to pick up a range hood too.

Install bright light fixtures. Commercial kitchens are always very-well lit. That’s why you should consider installing some bright light fixtures in your kitchen at home too. Although there are all kinds of styles and sizes that you can choose from, our recommendation is that you put in some ceiling lights, that you add some pendants to the walls near your cooking space and that you consider adding a ceiling fan as well for additional circulation. That should complete the look for your professional-style kitchen. For more ideas of lighting fixtures for kitchens, visit Lamps Plus and put “kitchen lighting” in the search field.

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