5 Home Mold Remediation Tips to Protect Your Health

Mold. It’s definitely something that none of us want to experience. Not only is it a type of fungi that is extremely unsightly, but if it’s left untreated, it can lead to all kinds of health issues including allergic reactions, asthma attacks and respiratory issues.

If you happen to see mold inside of your home and you’ve done some research on how to do a bit of mold remediation, before you get started, we wanted to share with you five tips for how you can protect your health during the removal process.

Check out these helpful suggestions below:

Use natural ingredients. Although you could use commercial brand mold removers, not only do a lot of them tend to be pretty costly, but many of them contain toxic fumes too. There is an alternative, though. You can use natural ingredients. If you’re concerned that they won’t be as effective, don’t be. Tea tree oil, vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and grapefruit seed extract are all ingredients that are very potent and are also safer for you, your children and your pets. For more information on how to remove mold naturally, visit MNN and put “kill mold naturally” in the search field.

Add some HEPA filters. If you’re planning on doing some vacuuming during the mold remediation process, make sure that you purchase some HEPA filters beforehand. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and they are specifically designed to be able to capture mold spores from the air (standard filters are not able to do this).

Put on a filtration mask. One mistake that a lot of people make while they’re in the process of removing mold from the various rooms of their house is not putting on rubber gloves. Another mistake that they tend to make is failing to put on a filtration mask. That will help to place a barrier between you and the mold spores that are flying through the atmosphere. If you’re curious to know about where you can purchase this kind of mask, Amazon is one website that carries them.

Keep your windows open. When it comes to effective¬†mold cleanup tips , something else that you should do is keep your house’s windows’ open. This will help to increase air circulation so that as you are moving the mold, you can decrease the chance of the spores staying in your home and (further) irritating you or your pets. As far as how long you should leave the windows open, if you’re doing the mold remediation during the spring or fall seasons (when the weather tends to be pretty mild), keep them open for about 36-48 hours.

Hire a professional. In cases of advance mold remediation , you might want to hire a professional to remove the mold for you. The reason why this could prove to be a smart investment is because they will have the skills and equipment to detect all of the places where mold is lingering and remove it for good. Sure, it will cost you money, but to know that the rooms in your house are totally mold-free, that makes it totally worth your while. For more information on mold remediation, visit Mold Man USA.

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