Creative Backyard Landscaping Ideas Using Stone

Your backyard is a unique space that offers the comforts of indoor living with the beauty and calm of nature and the outdoors. While many people think landscaping is only about flowers, plants, shrubs and grass, you can actually to do so much more with your backyard than you think! Using stone can add a fresh, new element. Here are some creative backyard landscaping ideas that use stone.

  1. Create a rock and stone garden in your yard. Rock gardens are low maintenance, modern, and they look great all year long. You can create a rock garden in a former flower bed, or you can allot a new area of your yard for the garden. Consider using river rocks or a mixture of rocks. The more shapes, colors and textures you have, the more unique, interesting and appealing your rock garden will be. You can even place flower pots among the stones to add some color and variety.
  2. Build a rock wall outside. Rock walls are timeless and classic. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also practical. You can use walls to divide certain living areas in your yard such as the garden, the patio, the play area and more. Stone walls are also excellent for adding extra seating, proving convenient when you entertain outdoors.
  3. Use slate or stone to create a patio space. Patios can be made from many materials like wood or brick, but stone is often the most elegant as well as the most durable. You can use slate to create a stunning patio space that is clean cut but natural, blending into the environment of your outdoor space.
  4. Create a waterfall using rocks and stones in your outdoor living space. A water feature can introduce a great new element into any outdoor space. Paired with stones and rocks, your water feature will look natural and authentic. You can buy these water features such as fountains or waterfalls, or create your own with a pump!
  5. Another great idea that anyone can do is to use stone to line your garden beds as a border to add structure. Stone borders help to define your garden beds without looking too over done or too clean cut. It will add structure to your gardens while also providing a hardscape element to the space. This is simple to do yourself for a quick weekend project that can transform your space dramatically.

Rock or stone are durable, natural, and timeless for any backyard space. No matter how you choose to use rock and stone in your outdoor living space, it will balance your backyard with new textures, colors and shapes. Whether you create a stone patio, a rock garden, a stone water feature or simply line your garden beds with stones, you will love the difference it makes to the style and feel of your backyard space. Stone is great for projects, big or small, so definitely considerĀ landscaping with stone likeĀ Teton stone or river rock.

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