5 Useful Tips to Help Homeowners Reduce Cooling Costs in Summer

Do you know that one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases comes from the energy expended by people running their air conditioners in the summer? Indeed, our HVAC systems can have a serious impact on the environment, so you can imagine what kind of an impact they can have on our wallets. And now that the weather is warming up and the summer is getting closer and closer, it is becoming incredibly important to start taking a few measures to tie up your air conditioning system and your home, so that you don’t find yourself paying more than you should just to beat the heat. Here are five useful tips to help homeowners reduce cooling costs in summer.

  1. Make sure that your air conditioner is in excellent condition. One of the most important cooling season tips to help you save money is to get your air conditioner tuned up. A poorly operating air conditioner system is an inefficient air conditioning system, which means that your monthly utility bills will be much higher. So, be sure to hire an HVAC technician to inspect your unit. If there are any glaring issues that can affect performance, you want to have them remedied immediately.
  2. Make sure that you swap out the filter insider your air conditioning system. Besides getting a tune up, there are also some AC measures that you can take yourself – without the help of a professional technician. In most cases, swapping out the filter is easy – all you have to do is take out the old one and pop a new one in. Yes, it is that simple. In most cases, a new filter is affordable and you can find one at any major home supply or HVAC supply retailer. You may also be able to call the manufacturer of your unit and then have a filter sent to your home.
  3. Make sure that all energy leaks inside your home are patched up. Any time you have energy leaks – which mostly happens around older windows and doors – you are using more energy. When the air escapes, you are forced to turn the air conditioner on high, which can result in higher energy bills. You can seal these leaks by re-caulking your window frames and weather-stripping your doors.
  4. Make sure to open your windows at night and close your windows in the morning. If you live in a region where it gets extremely hot during the day and then cools off at night, you can effectively reduce your need for your air conditioner by trapping the cool night air inside your home. You can think of it like a completely natural air conditioning system.
  5. Make sure to reduce the usage of other appliances. When you have to blast your air conditioner to beat the heat, you want to make up for it by reducing the lengths of showers, switching off lights and doing your best to reduce your impact elsewhere in your home. In the end, it will only be a minor sacrifice that can save you major money.

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