Pool Trends 2014

led lighting for pools Pool Trends 2014Thanks to modern technology and a change in the way people view their outdoor areas, pool and outdoor design has grown in leaps and bounds, there has never been a more exciting time to design a new outdoor area. So merge your indoors with outside, integrating outdoor rooms which can be fully equipped with BBQ’S, Flat screen TV’s, and weatherproof furniture, embrace the eco-conscious revolution and create an outdoor space that will impress your guests and be an indulgent, fully equipped space that you can enjoy all year.

Functionality is an absolutely essential component when designing a pool, it is also particular to individual families, depending on the number of people using the pool, their ages, activity level and most importantly positioning into the existing landscape so it blends seamlessly. Privacy is always important, foliage in neat planters adds to the trend of minimal contemporary landscapes while still providing privacy from neighbours, or the pools filtration equipment.

Lighting adds the wow factor to not only the pool but the entire area. Mood lighting a pool is easily achieved with LED or Low voltage lighting with changing colours of low light and washes of light to create the mood.

All these features can be controlled by remote control. We all have to enclose our pools for safety reasons, due to the more simplistic trends glass has become the material of choice, to create seamless poolscapes without compromising safety. Another popular choice is to use glass as one wall of the pool. This works well for elevated pools as you are able to view from the backyard. A real Wow factor.pool water jets features Pool Trends 2014

Water features have long been popular as a design feature for pools. There is a whole range of styles- most popular would be sheer descents which are connected to adjoining walls and neatly spill into the pool. Other popular styles are water jets, bubblers, water sheets and overflows, all these can be made from various materials depending on the look you are after. Our busy lifestyles have us looking for maintenance friendly areas, pools are becoming fully automated with lighting, and cleaning, particularly with the introduction of robotic cleaners.

These cleaners have great water savings properties, you can save up to 70% on lost water – by operating a robotic cleaner. Robotic cleaners of today are also energy saving as they only use 0.18KW input power compared to a traditional cleaner that uses 1.2KW of power. Latest advances in Robotic cleaners include smart PC boards that use mathematical algorithms to map the pool shape for optimal cleaning.

Today’s robotic cleaners are also able to escape obstacles and impeding objects within pools. They contain state of the art advanced software control, have 100% pool coverage including beach areas, steps and walls and also feature a motor protection mechanism so they shut off when they overload or find themselves as out of water. For consumers our advice is to use a robotic cleaner as it saves money for the end user in chemical and electricity, and provides a relatively hassle-free maintenance lifestyle.

Author bio:
This article was written and provided by Brian Farrall who has worked in the pool industry since 1981 and currently owns his own pool designing company named Thomas Pools which is based in Queensland, Australia.

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