Where and How to Mount Decorative Glass Windows in Your Home

Just about all of us have either walked into a church or visited someone’s home and noticed how the decorative glass windows were made beautifully and really added some elegance and charm. Well, if there’s a part of you who’s always wanted to have that look inside your own home but you’re on a bit of a budget, you’re in luck. Although it does to require a bit of time and concentration, you can actually teach yourself how to mount decorative glass. Here are some tips on where and how you can mount decorative glass windows in your home below:

Focus on the windows that catch the most sunlight. Before you get into the process of mounting your decorative glass, the first thing that you should do is think about where you want the glass to go. Although from an aesthetic standpoint, it’s going to be beautiful just about anywhere within your home, in order to enjoy all of its brilliance, it really is best to mount it where you are able to get the most sunlight and also where your window treatments will not hide it either. For many people, this would be their kitchen windows, their entry way or even their front door.

Know the different kinds of hook styles. When you are about to mount a stained glass window or some other kind of decorative glass, you first have to consider the type of frame that you have around your window. Then, you have to get the right kinds of hooks. When it comes to the hooks that are available to you, it varies based on the style of the glass. For instance, if you happen to have a zinc frame, then you’re probably going to need to use either glass clips or hooks that are known as Handy Hangers. For wood frames, panel-roll hooks (which are basically hooks which are brass-plated) are best. For suncatchers, rings that are made out of silver or brass are optimal. Remember that the size of the hooks are going to be based upon the size and weight of the panels too.

Attach the hooks. Once you have the ideal hooks, it’s then time to attach them. You’re going to need to use no less than two hooks and you will need to space them out based upon the measurement of the panel itself. It’s also important to keep in mind that hooks can either be placed on top of the panel or the sides. As a special note, you might want to drill starter holes in order to make the process easier. If the panel is really heavy, you can always put some wood glue around each hook for additional support.

Attach wire or chains. The next thing that you will need to do is either attach some wire or chains to the top corners of the panel. The main thing to keep in mind here is that it’s important that the wire or chains that you use actually match the kind of hooks that you have already installed. Also, if you are going to use wire, 14″ gauge copper wire is definitely best. As far as how long the chain or wire needs to be, that’s going to be based on how long the panel is.

Hang the window. Say that you purchased a couple of decorative glass panels at Imaging Sciences. After you have completed all of the previous tips, the final thing that you’ll need to do is actually hang the window. In order to do this, all that’s required is hanging the decorative panel in front of the original window by attaching your wires or chains to the hooks. For more information on where to purchase decorative glass panels, visit Amazon and put “decorative glass panels” in the search field.

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