How to Frost Glass Doors and Windows in Your Home

One of the best things about the winter season is that there are all kinds of fun ways to decorate your home. You can put up wreaths on your front and back door. You can purchase poinsettias and scented candles for the rooms in your house and you can even do creative things like frost the glass on your doors and windows. If you’re surprised to know about that last recommendation because you never knew that was something that you could do on your own, here is everything you need to know about how to frost glass doors and windows below:

Have the right materials and tools. Being that most people only want the frosted glass effect during the wintertime, we are going to share with you a way to produce a semi-permanent look. The first thing that you will need are the right material and tools. These will consist of some tracing paper, a pair of scissors, some temporary adhesive and also some frosting spray (Walmart and Jo-Ann’s are two places that carry some).

Cut and trace. Once you have all of the things that you need, the next step is to cut out a piece of tracing paper that will actually fit the size of the window that you plan to frost. Then, attach the temporary adhesive directly onto the glass. Once you have done that, you need to trace the actual design that you wish to use on the paper. (Keep in mind that it can be a simple or real elaborate kind of design; the choice is totally up to you.)

Remove and reattach. After you have traced the design, you can then remove the tracing paper and cut out the design either with a pair of scissors or if needed, a sharp knife (sometimes a knife is better for intricate designs). Then it’s time to reattach the paper to the window.

Do some spraying. If you called a glass specialty store like Knock on Glass for another tip on how to frost glass doors and windows, something else that they would recommend is that after you’ve reattached the paper, you will now be ready to apply the frosting spray. One key thing to remember is that once you have sprayed the window, you shouldn’t remove the template until after the spray has completely dried. As an additional tip, something else that you can do to provide a really nice effect is to spray little “bursts” of the frosting spray on other areas of the window which adds a nice condensation effect that highlights your other designs.

Then remove the design. Once you have finished spraying, you’re then ready to remove the design with a razor blade. This is the final step which means your frosted design is finally complete for you to enjoy. For a list of design ideas for your DIY frost glass doors or windows, visit Pinterest and put “frosted windows and doors” in the search field.

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