What House Plants Should I have if I Haven’t got much Sun?

House plants can add some much needed color to a home; they brighten up the surroundings. But if your home doesn’t get a lot of sunlight through the windows, can you still have house plants?

Several house plants don’t need a lot of sunlight to grow; thy can prosper in indirect, or even low light conditions. Some of these have blooms; others rely on their decorative foliage to create an attractive environment, you can learn more here.

The Peace Lily

This attractive plant is a classic with its darky glossy green leaves, and pristine white blooms. It has quite an exotic and magical air about it. Not only can the peace lily exist without sunlight it actually intensely dislikes direct light and exists much better in low light conditions. On the other hand it does not enjoy the cold and should be kept out of drafts.peace lily indoor and office

The peace lily is good for the environment as it reduces the occurrence of molds, and it can absorb unwanted vapors such as alcohol and acetone. The down side of the peace lily is that it is prone to infestation from pests such as aphids and mealy bugs; insecticides can be used to help. It should be noted that if you have pets living in your home you will need to be careful as this plant is poisonous to them.

The Lucky Bamboo

This plant has a quirky shape and makes a fun addition to a home. Contrary to its name it is not related to actual bamboo, but to the lily. A native of Africa it has thin stems and leaves that are bright green in color. The lucky part of the name has to do with the fact that the plant is said to bring luck where it is situated, according to Feng Shui.lucky bamboo care and maintenance

Direct sunlight is actually bad for lucky bamboo as it causes its leaves to turn yellow. The plants should also be cleaned with distilled water to prevent them from becoming infected with bacteria.

African Violets

The leaves of an African violet can also be damaged by exposure to direct sunlight so these plants should be kept in just a bright light. The bold colored blooms of the plant are normally violet but can also have the presence of pink and white, or be other shades of blue and purple. The blooms are perfectly offset by deep green, often purple tinged, foliage.african violets indoor plant care

African violets relish a humid atmosphere and they should not be left in flooded soil; the earth in which they are kept should be well drained.

A home does not have to be in the middle of direct sunlight for house plants to thrive within it; as you can see it is actually better for some plants if direct sunlight is not present as it can cause damage to them. Whether your preference is for attractive blooms, or for colourful foliage, you can find an ideal plant to suit your taste and your lack of sunlight.

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