8 Elegant Tiles for Kitchen

Just by changing your kitchen tiles, the total look can be a lot different. Several tiles are elegant and nice and can be the alternatives for you. Here are the tiles and you can use them as inspiration for your own creation.

1. Dark Wood Floor

Wood floor offers more elegance when you use darker color. It will match to any interior design and ideas, and it also makes your classic furniture even more dazzling than before. Deep brown color is the perfect one.modern kitchen tiles design 8 Elegant Tiles for Kitchen

2. Hand Painted Tile

Several artists now paint on tile as well. You can make sure that the entire setting will represent a big picture. However, you can also combine and use small painting on several parts.

3. Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are already so beautiful naturally. The key of making it elegant is to choose the right color. Pick serious color like white, crème, or dark. They will encourage the interior detail with elegance.

4. Patterned Tiles

Plan a pattern. Then, you will only need to set the tiles differently so the pattern can be made. Make sure that the chosen tiles consist of close colors. It will give lively, not elegant, look when you pick too distant colors.

5. Symmetric Art

Symmetric art is not a new idea but it starts to be a trend for once again. We create combination with the tile and let it encourages the other interior parts.

6. Combination of Glass and Marble

These two tiles are already elegant naturally. We can combine them in specific arrangement and we can also use them on the backsplash too. Pick matching colors for the two for elegant touch.

7. Mosaic

There are many choices for the mosaic patterns. We can choose one that will match our interior. Commonly, curvy patterns are great mosaic patterns for elegant kitchen. Try to avoid too complicated mosaic and pick something beautiful but simple.

8. Mini Brick Art

With careful choice and arrangements, we can make as if the tiles are brick. It will give authentic and unique touch. Supported by your choice on elegant color, the result will be surprising.

Those tiles are elegant and it improves the total look of your kitchen. Pick one matching to your house interior detail and start the project. Sometimes, the key will be on color choice, and also specific setting for the detail. Good luck on your project!

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