8 Great LED Strip Lights Uses

led stairs lights

LED strip lights are very common now. Most people use it as decoration item. If you look closely, several use of this light is even endless. They keep it on all the time, and it makes different effect as well.

1. Stairs Light

Not only hotel and commercial places, houses also use LED strip light to make the stairs clearer. At night, it enhances the security and safety option. During the day, it is merely decoration detail.

2. Entrance and Path Way Light

Marking an entrance with LED strip lights are efficient. It gives enough sign to people but it is not too much. Pathway will be safer and clearer with the same lights. At night, they will make beautiful safety lights to people.

3. Parking Lot Border

LED lights are visible even during the day. It explains why several professional parking lot is completed with LED strip lights as borders. People find their spots faster and easier, and they can park just the right way.

4. Mirror

Putting LED strip lights on your mirror only means two things. You know well how to make a mirror more than just a mirror, and you provide yourself quality life for makeup session.

5. Focal Point

Focal point needs to be noticeable. Adjusting the item and encouraging the display with appropriate use of LED strip lights will make a real statement. People never turn it off because it will affect the interior look.

6. Furniture

Several furniture are just fine and it will make a distinctive look in the room with the help of LED strip lights. Commonly, it is used on commercial spots. However, houses now also use it on the same way too.

7. Exhibition Display

Of course, a display on an exhibition needs to be different and eye catching. LED lights are the right choice because it gives just enough light without any sense of too much.

8. Ads Board

Put the LED strip lights along the edges and people will notice it even during the day. Sometimes, combination on the middle part makes a great attraction to people. Consult professional for targeting purposes.

You may already use it the same way. The other ideas can be an inspiration for you. Do not be afraid that it will make their life shorter because LED lights are a lot tougher than you think. Explore more use and get the benefit of the use.

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