8 Tips for Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration

hello kitty bedroom decor

Hello Kitty is cute and your little girl may want to decorate her bedroom with the character. Sometimes, it is difficult to decorate the room without being too much. Here are several tips if you want Hello Kitty in your daughter’s room.

1. Theme and Base Color

Paint the wall with appropriate color like deep and soft pink. Combination of the color will be wonderful. Make sure that you make enough pattern setting and planning so it will not be boring.

2. Bedding

This is effective way. Many bedding choices are now available on many patterns and pictures including Hello Kitty. Buy several pairs so your daughter can change it but still get the Hello Kitty bedding. Do not forget checking on the material quality.

3. Bedroom Linens

Several other linens are efficient way to give the total look. Curtain and pillow cover, table cloth and other linen should be matching. If you cannot find one with the picture of Hello Kitty, you can stay on the basic color.

4. Carpet Shape and Color

The carpet can match the base color. If it is possible, it will be nice if a carpet with Hello Kitty prints is available. If you find with matching shape as well, pick the small one.

5. Furniture

Pick idyllic furniture for cute look. To make it great, repaint the entire furniture to color base or theme. This will help you reach the final look you want to have. Combine with appropriate linens and you will be satisfied with it.

6. Wall Accesories

Hello Kitty clock or Hello Kitty picture frames are example of the wall accessories. However, you can also put on ribbon on walls with matching colors or Hello Kitty prints. Make it merrier. Kids love something fun like that.

7. Ceiling

Do something with the ceiling. Stick Hello Kitty prints will be nice so your daughter can see it when she lies down on bed. Or make and attach ceiling decoration with the color and Hello Kitty prints.

8. Other Items

You can add other items like Hello Kitty cushions, table lamp, telephone, books and pencils, and the dolls as well. It will complete the entire decoration and interior detail.

Several of the tips may not be appropriate for your condition. Adjust as you wish it and make sure it matches your target and your situation. Be careful not to put too much detail or it will lose the attractive cute look.

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