Different Types of Decorative Moldings – Top 7

decorative moldings Different Types of Decorative Moldings   Top 7Molding plays a big role on house decoration and interior. Many people neglect this part very often and as the result, tey cannot reach the ultimate look they can achieve. Molding is available on many choices now. You can choose one matching to your concept and interior design. There are many of them on the stores. You need to know at least several types of it. Here are the decorative types.

1. Baseboard

This is decorative as well as protective. Baseboard commonly goes along the wall base and along the floor as well. This is the very basic type among all.

2. Casing

This refers to the covers given commonly around the doors and windows. Several people prefer it to be larger and wider because it gives more impressive look.

3. Ceiling Trim

This one is totally decorative. Commonly, we will trim the ceiling on specific pattern and shape. Ceiling medallion is one of the examples. Tidy work presents elegance and luxury.

4. Chair Rail

This one also goes along the floor. However, it is not on the wall base part. This one is about 32” from the floor and people often use it as separator for different wall paint colors.

5. Crown Molding

It requires light trim. The molding will be placed near the ceiling, meeting the top o the wall. It completes the other molding and creates great look. Most houses already use this molding even though maybe simple enough.

6. Wainscoting

This refers to the panelling option. When you have the baseboard, you will attach the panelling right above it. It is not a must, but it can give you different style for walls. Check on the material when you want it.

7. Trim Molding

Like on the ceiling, you will need to make a trim on specific concepts, graphic, or shapes. It can be on your base or crown molding. It depends on how you like it to be.

Now, if you are about starting a project and you want perfect molding on your house, you should learn more about the types. By then, you should check your need and situation. You can adjust the installation to your situation and desired look. Pay attention on the process. You want professional hands on it or it will fall off very soon. Plan first then continue the project very wisely. You do not have to rush project like this.

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