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7 Essential Tips for Waterproofing Basement Floors

Basement floor often gets flooded. This is just annoying. Or on other cases, the floor is too wet and will be dangerous for everyone on the room. Here are tips to make it waterproof. 1. Read Waterproofing Compounds Instruction Most waterproofing compounds are made to make additional protection and layers on wall without any paint. […]

Complete Advantages of Each Flooring Option

Flooring means a lot on your safety, health, and interior look. Specific concept and decision need to be made. There are several choices for flooring and each of them contributes different advantages. You may need to know to find one suitable for your need. Here are the advantages of the options we should learn: Engineered […]

8 DIY Tips for Installing Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is a good thing to have. It has firm shape and nice looking too. Many people use the floor for houses and offices. If you want to install it, you may want to read the following tips for perfect result. 1. Moisture and Humidity You should check on the moisture and humidity of […]