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6 Guides for Beginners to Install Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas is coming soon and we may want to make several first preparations for the decor. One of the most desired decorations for Christmas is the lights. Outdoor light is a great idea. However, we may need to several additional steps to make it safe and proper. Here are the tips. 1. Budget Set your […]

7 Interior Decor Tips for Small Living Spaces

Having a small living space is not the end of the world. You still can work it out. Use the following tips to get maximum result on the interior design. 1. Step the Flooring Up We do not necessarily have to replace the old tiles. If we already have light colour, it will give the […]

10 Important Ideas for Interior Design

Making up your interior design will be a fun thing to do. You can choose your own style like Victorian, classic, minimalist, romantic but modern, or other styles as well. All of those styles will use several basic ideas for interior. You can learn the basic ideas and apply it yourself in your house or […]